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Contact us for information about the need, what B.J. and Amanda Fessant are doing to take the word of this great country, and all information on the ministry. No one can know God if they don’t hear and no one can hear unless someone is willing to go. B.J. and Amanda, their kids, and the ministry are ready to go! But, we need those who are willing to send! Thank you for being willing to support and send these servants of God! We all can make a difference with the gifts God has given us and the support needed to go!


United States Mission Field

The Need is Now! 


U.S. Population: 302,358,444

 1/3 of Americans are unchurched! 

10 million self-proclaimed born-again Christians have not been to church in the last six months apart from Christmas & Easter 

23 million Americans believe that faith doesn’t involve church 

1 in 3 adults are unchurched

Because of the nations population continuing growth, the number of unchurched adults continues to grow by nearly a million people annually

U.S. Violent Crimes reported: 1,390,695 

32,439 suicide deaths nation wide 

1 baby is aborted every 24 seconds nationally 

U.S. teen pregnancy rate is the highest in the Western World 

12.5% of the U.S. population live in poverty

 HIS Ministry wants to come and make a Difference!!


 Why Support Amanda Fessant & HIS Ministry?

 Music Makes A Difference!

 Music Touches Lives!

 Music Influences!

2006 Nielson Soundscan report for the year showed that music sales exceeded 1 billion for the year. 

Music is a powerful tool that is used by many in our world.

We use it to minister and glorify our God.

 “Hear this, you kings! Listen you rulers! I will sing to the Lord, I will sing. I will make music to the Lord, the God of  Isreal.”

Judges 5:3

 The national Commission of Excellence in Education:

“There are many reasons why music should be a part of primary & secondary education! It can be a positive influence on children & communities.”

 FTC – released that studies proved a connection between entertainment content of music, movies, video games, and behavior.

 We can use Christian Music to influence in a positive way!

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