Fessant’s CD premiere “Release” moves audience

Written by Kathy Rhoads   
Tue, 13 Feb 2007

 Christian County music artist Amanda Fessant’s premiere of her new CD “Release” was everything those attending the event had hoped for and more.
“I will take you on a roller coaster ride this evening,” said the enthusiastic performer as she finished her second number of  Saturday evening’s concert held at Lake Ridge Christian Church. “The music on this CD is from my heart and it has so much meaning to me.”
    What a roller coaster of emotions Fessant provided during her performance before the large crowd gathered in the Family Life Center at the church.
    Adding to the  powerful meaning found in the words of her songs were Power Point presentations filled with photographs of  those honored and remembered during numerous songs on the CD.
    In between performances she explained the meaning behind many of the songs recorded on “Release.”
    Several numbers were  specifically for friends of Fessants including Whitney Finley and her family, Emily Hornbrook, her father, Dale Pate, her husband, B.J. Fessant and in memory of her grandmother Ilah Mae Bryant.    
    Joining Fessant on the stage were members of HIS Dance Troupe including Kara Kirby, Danielle Cary, Shelby Calles, Kelsey Bailey and Emily Higginbotham.
    A special performance by the popular local Christian group “The Christian Heirs” in which Fessant’s father, Dale Pate is a long-time member. Other members taking the stage to perform with Fessant were Dick Brinkley, Kevin Trine and  Mike Lindsey.
    In addition to the release of her new CD Fessant was recently voted in the top 10 artists nominated for the “Female Horizon Award” and in the top 10 for “Female Artist” in the semi-finals of the Christian Country Music segment of the Fan Appreciation Awards to be held in Darinenger, Texas in late May.
    Another  honor she recently received was a special mention in the “Artist to Watch in 2007”  section of Power Source Magazine’s December 2006, January 2007 issue.
    The music artist plans to do a lot of traveling throughout the year promoting her CD.
    To purchase a copy of “Release” contact Dale and Marian Pate at 466-9825.

~~originally published in the Paris Beacon News.

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