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"Christmas for Kids" replaces traditional "Toys for Tots" charity


Through HIS Ministry the “Christmas for Kids” project is working with several local groups and organizations to ensure that no child is left out this Christmas season by collecting toys and gifts.
“It is the time of year that children could be left out,” explained Marian Pate of HIS Ministry. “By that, we (HIS Ministry) mean they may not have a Merry Christmas, as most will surely enjoy due to financial situations beyond their control.”
According to Pate, “Christmas for Kids” will accept all donations previously designated for the traditional “Toys for Tots” program.

“We have been informed there will be no local ‘Toys for Tots’ collection this year,” announced Pate. “Several groups and organizations that normally would collect toys and donate them to ‘Toys for Tots’ have contacted us and asked if we could accept the donations and deliver them to families in the community.”
As with any charity, but especially during the holidays, it is the residents of Edgar County that make each one a success by donating toys, clothing, or funds to those less fortunate through organization such as HIS Ministry and others.
“Our list has grown much larger this year and we expect it to grow even more before it is all said and done,” stressed Amanda Fessant, executive director of HIS Ministry. “We have been receiving calls almost every day for help with Christmas and we need everyone’s help to meet those needs.”
Names of local families, who are less fortunate and might not otherwise be able to provide presents for their children, are supplied to the group by various local organizations including the Edgar County Health Department.
Pate feels very passionate about the program and the idea of helping those less fortunate.
“It is truly a blessing to give and share,” she said with a smile. “We find those that do receive as much as those that get the gifts. We just need more willing to give so that we might be
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able to fill the growing need.”
The local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts recently donated several toys to help with the collection drive.
“What an unselfish act of love and support to other children,” explained Fessant. “These boys decided instead of a gift exchange, to purchase gift to donate to the children for Christmas. We were so proud of their actions and consideration for others!”
Donations of toys, gifts or monetary donations can be made by calling 466-9825 or sending funds to HIS Ministry, P.O. Box 1025, Paris, IL 61944.