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The Dream Continues...

The week of Oct. 11 through 17 was a thrill and one very exciting time for both Amanda Fessant and Tanner Laughlin.

For Fessant the thrill of introducing a new ministry and talent to the Christian Country Music scene was very exciting.  HIS Ministry, Inc. sponsors Tanner Laughlin for the CCMA.  They entered him in the talent competition and submitted his profile for a showcase.  The week became busy for Laughlin and allowed him many opportunities.

This year's event was held at the beautiful facilities of the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Fessant was busier this year than ever, she not only was one of the top five in the new artist category for the ICM awards, but she was asked to emcee the Monday night showcase with Corey Brooks.  She also performed two showcases, one Monday afternoon and the other Tuesday night, was one of the hosts of Sunday late night jam and participated as one of the staff for the Daughters of the King program.  This does not even take into consideration that she attended all the meetings and worship services. 

Laughlin was equally as busy as he attended every function that was available for him to be involved in.

Tuesday morning found him at the talent competition.  He was the next to the last to perform.  he sat through each one of the performances knowing that they had screened them and had taken only the cream of the crop for the finals.  He then had to wait until Wednesday night after the showcases to find out who won.  When the announcement came Fessant and her whole group leaped to their feet with shouts that they felt could be heard all the way back to Paris...Tanner Laughlin won the competition.

"This has been the most exciting week of my life, at least that I can think of at this time, " said Laughlin.  "I have found a home, a place for me to express myself and ministry.  I really love these people and they have been so accepting of me."

Fessant was excited for the talented young singer.

"It is a real family, we have the same goals.  When one comes down here with a purpose of serving the Lord and puts that as their main focus these artists will gladly welcome you in."

Fessant arranged for Laughlin to attend the Media Luncheon aboard the General Jackson, and the after party for the nominees and winners after CCMA.  He took advantage of every aspect of this opportunity that had been afforded him.  I am so very excited about his future in this genre."

Fessant was also excited that she was able to be a part of introducing another talent to the ICM Week, Milton Lee, a singer/songwriter from Arkansas.  Lee became a friend of Fessant when she did a concert in Cabot, Ark. and stayed at his home.

Fessant fell in love with Lee's songwriting and encouraged him to attend and also said she was interested in recording one of his songs in her next project.  He took her advice and attended the ICM where he came to the late night jams.  That is where she introduced one of his songs.  She sang it with his accompaniment.

"They took to the song as I did," said Fessant.  "I knew that it was a beautiful song that would touch hearts, and Milton was so very much encouraged by their response and acceptance.  It was a thrill for me to be able to be a part of introducing him to this industry."

"I find it so exciting when I can bring those that are truly dedicated to the Lord and have such talent on board for His service," Fessant went on to explain.

Laughlin will be traveling to Nashville many times in the near future due to winning the talent competition.  He will be recording with HMG Productions.  His package includes a three song disc, a radio release, and three months promotions.

According to Fessant, this is a great start to a career in the Christian County Music field.  Fessant is also interested in recommending him as a member of the Music City Christian Fellowship.  Fessant is a member and on a committee for the organization and she feels that Laughlin would be an asset to them as well as it be one for him.

"To sum up this week, Whew!" said Fessant.  "It was wonderful and no one wanted to leave.  All that attended said that they got so much from it.  They come each year to get refueled, and this year they felt they were filled to overflowing."

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