Just like Emilee
Written by: Amanda Fessant

Every morning at 8 am the telephone rings
I know the voice on the other end has a smile to bring
Emilee became my cousin the fall of 98
We became best friends yeah right away
She may stumble over a word or two
And sometimes she uses a walker or a chair
But even though some just see a girl
I see an angel sitting there

And I wanna be
Just like Emilee
I want to love with all my heart
So Completely
I want to live each day for what it is
And love other for who they are
Not what I want them to be
Just like Emilee
Just like Emilee

Emilee sits at the table and asks herself why
Some people talk to her and some just pass her by
She’s got a smile for each one
And she knows them all by name
No matter how they treat
She loves them all the same
I smile as I see her
Watch the children play
Cause I know she will run just like them
Up in Heaven someday


Well she taught me how to love
And she taught me how to live
She taught me how to listen
And with all my heart to give

Chorus to end